Session 4 Recap

After recovering from some beatings and basking in the glory of some group member’s performances, using the information given to us by the villagers in the tower, we decide to follow the others that had been taken down the stairs.

After descending some distance we came to a landing that on inspection had a hidden door that was ajar and on the other side a natural crack large enough for a man to enter.

After inspecting the hidden room and finding a false bottomed chest, trap included the natural crack was inspected. At its end a door was found, Pender translated some runes that described some curses and some chaos lord or something, there was lots of talking and Gronn sort of tuned it out. It was decided not to bash it down and the group continued on.

Down and down they went Passing through a room, complete with a strange pool and glowing skulls, past a pit containing chains, some of which where adorned with bodies, only finally stopping in an room with murals that seemed to be replicas of those found in the tower but far more intact. Why the first rooms were so quickly passed through is still a mystery, was it a drive to save the villagers, a lack of curiosity, a desire to remain alive, we may never know! The room with the Murals and Cloaks was explored and discussed, something about the curses again, chaos lords, matching someone’s dream,,,,,,,,, what, no I don’t want a cloak they are old and to small,,,, sorry what, be a prisoner ok sure. They finally proceed down again and finally come to an immense underground lake nay a sea in the distance a glow can be seen, closer to a dragon prowed ship draws near, closer still is an large menhir covered with sigils. Pender goes mad as he tries to read them and attacks Ananshael. She grapples with him and he comes to his senses. The candle at the top of the menhir is lit and the dragon boat comes ashore. As they cross the lake a leviathan emerges from the water it will have no trouble crushing the boat and all those on it and indeed it seems to desire to do just that! Thinking fast Ananshael lights some chaos incense in Gronn’s goblet hopping to subdue the beast and her brilliant insight pays huge dividends, when the beast slips back under the waves. An immense ziggurat comes into view, the glow emanates from the structure itself, and atop the its tiers is a gigantic figure bracketed by smoke and bathed from below in hellish light. Many Beastmen can be seen posted on and climbing the ramp that circles the pyramid prisoners in tow. The group dressed in the Robes found in the mural room leave the boat and escort their own prisoner to the base. The beastmen they encounter immediately defer to the priests and make way for them to pass. In this way the top is soon reached, there they find that the large figure they saw from below is in truth only and effigy held aloft by a large beastman, he is joined by three others who dump coin though the open top of the ziggurat into the flaming center below. There are only several prisoners remaining when they near the top and they push their way past the poor retches in an attempt to save the last few. File steps forth and claims that the Lord Molan required a true sacrifice, that of the large beast man. The ones with the baskets leap forward to do the chaos priests bidding and push the hapless creature along with his effigy in to the flames below. As the effigy touches the fires there is an explosion and a nightmare of darkened armour and fire climbs from the hole. File tries to convince the remaining beastmen to temper the lord with a challenge of combat, but they refuse too believe him any further and the two sides clash. Ananshael springs forward and attacks Aaron joins her and File encourages them, Gronn can’t seem to gets the ropes off despite loosening them earlier. Beastmen fall and Ananshael takes some serious wounds, file directs Aaron, Gronn finally rushes forward in a rage and grabs the chaos lord. The the lord lands mighty blows on the barbarian but he seems to shrug of the worst. With a mighty heave Gronn pushes the lord to the ground, the other beast men have been dispatched so Ananshael and Aaron turn their weapons on the fallen lord to great effect. Several beastmen who were attempting to come up the ramp are lulled to sleep by File. The Lord somehow breaks Gronns hold and manages to climb to his feet, he tries one last strike and fails. The companions once again lay blades into the lord and as he stagers under the blows Gronn finishes him with a mighty stroke.

With his death the remaining beastmen flee and the cavern begins to collapse, the group gathers what they can and rush for the ship.
Though good fortune the boat is hurled though a gash in the cavern wall as the world collapse behind them.

Session 4 Recap

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