Session 4 Interlude


My vision is dull, and I can feel blood from a wound on my head. I’d touch it, just to see how bad it is, but to be honest, my body aches. I’m pretty sure with the blow from that cudgel, I have bit through my lip. More scars.  Superficial wounds but they still ache… and I do not like the taste of blood, let alone mine. There is gore on my body…. mine, or the beast man’s I am not sure…
I know I will heal, I don’t really understand why it happens, but I always heal. Always.
This is the isn’t the first time I should be dead. I am sure that my new friends would be, and will be quick to remind me how fast I fell when I faced the ghostly creature.
Oberon held true to his words… my choice may kill me. I am clearly putting that to the test.

I am told that Anasheal defeated the last of the beast warriors, quite impressively so with the help of Pendar. That is good to know. Good that they are both finding their way.

I want to vomit… bile does not taste good. god my head aches….

We tried to be so careful, but it is hard to ignore our comical approach to this. How could we not end up in this predicament? The barbarian burnt…. by a creature of fire and his response, no less but to throw stones at it. I’d smile a little at this…. but it will split my lip even further.

We charged into a room full of spears… no consideration for what may lay inside. Thinking back now, I know we saved some of those people, but….. had we been quieter, perhaps if we let the bard or Pendar scout with his bird we would have saved ourselves time and effort, and perhaps even a few more innocent people.  Anasheal words “bat shit crazy” bounce around in my already ringing skull… I hate to admit she’s right… I think that hurts worse the wounds I bear now…. pride is funny that way. 

Gronn looks no worse for wear, but I am curious how File will make his story tell our tale.

If not before, I know now that I am now indebted to the group for saving my life. How many vows can one man make? Perhaps, perhaps, I am taking this vow thing too seriously but I doubt that.

As with all things in life, there is no going back. Chaos cannot be allowed to reign…. dark days indeed would follow, what worries me though are the four curses… and what we maybe forced to encounter. As I look at the rest of the group. My friends. I am wonder if I have now damned them.

I, we, cannot afford to be careless now. We are tried and tested, yet we need to congeal… focusing on our talents to overcome what lay ahead… 

… I feel stronger now, the rest was good…. I heal, I always do.

 My glaive and axe are sharp… Oberon willing, Chaos will no longer have a place here!

Session 4 Interlude

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