Session 1 Backstory

Ananshael’s response and proposal to the question: … why each of your characters has come to Neverwinter, why you are staying in the docks area (some options are anonymity, poverty, or convenience to the ships) and help me brainstorm why the 5 of you would work together.

There is a word in the Calimshan tongue of Alzhedo: ishnu. Quite literally it translates to lust but the elegance of my tongue does not differentiate the many types of lust that is common in the human condition. Ishnu is the reason soldiers leap headfirst into a losing battle and die laughing. It is the reason a young woman might dance naked in the streets. Ishnu is what drives men to carry out heinous acts of the flesh. Ishnu is also the reason I travel, remaining constantly on the move and reveling in my freedom.

Bloodlust. Lust for life. Lust for flesh. Wanderlust. These are all the same in the Calimshan – ishnu – and yet so different in meaning and context. It is Ishnu that drives me to the road. And though I rejoice in my new freedom and independence, I recognize that I am neither brash nor arrogant enough to presume that I have escaped my past. They will find me, one day. I can only ready myself.

My past is riddled with enemies. Perhaps ishnu will guide me to a future filled with friends. And where best to find friends but in the marginalized regions of society, the docks and warehouse district, of the prosperous cosmopolitan nexus that is Neverwinter.

Hey wait a moment – is that gentleman looking at me? Why yes, I think he is. Well here goes, Ana. Let ishnu guide me …

And I saunter boldly over to File

File would be in Neverwinter, looking for more people that are like minded as the Harpers. The docks are where you find all kinds those in need of help, willing to help, those taking advantage of the needy.
A young Bard can walk the dicks unattested.

Is that girl looking at me? Why yes, I think she is. My that is a bold saunter.
“Hello, Do you have a pencil? Cause I want to erase your past and write our future.” Winking “my name is File, at your service my lady.”

Ananshael – I allowed him just the slightest of smiles, careful to cast my eyes downward. I could feel him looking into my face, into my eyelashes, seeking contact, recognition. At first, I struggled with his name – File – ‘poet’ in one of the old tongues. Very different. Not at all like a Calimshan name. My first reaction might have been to inquire if he knew me, where he might be from. I was conscious of the knives secured in my sash at my back, the weight of my swords at my hips. I might have run away, or cursed at him. Or both. But I didn’t. I threw caution to the sands and -

I looked up at him.

Yes, there it is. I am pleasing to look at and he does little to disguise his recognition of this. But there is something else – yes. His eyes are warm, non-judgmental. Friendly, in fact.

Oh, what the hell. “Ananshael.”

And I took the stool beside him, tossing my crimson cloak over my shoulder.

DM – Indeed, File has been sent by the Harpers to seek out a peculiar young man, Pendergast by name, who has been asking questions about a symbol. A symbol the harpers are familiar with – the symbol of the Duvan’ku cult. A disturbing intrusion into the present of a horrifying chapter in the past. Pendergast is to assess whether this young man is a threat or a potential ally.

[The symbol is the prominent one on Pendergast’s spell book, Pendergast has been asking about it as a way to research]

[File has not been sent alone, he is accompanied by the redolent Gronn, who is also an agent of the Harpers.]

[Finally, Pendergast and Aaron are travelling companions who have become fast friends.]

Pendergast – Pendergast has willingly accompanied Aaron to Neverwinter in a continued search for information about his prized-but-mysterious spell book – leave no stone unturned, as it were. Being somewhat enraptured by adventure and excitement there’s also an element of “seeing the world” that drives his wanderlust. The spell book is mostly plain save for the symbol on its cover and despite Pender’s prominent intellect and knowledge of languages he’s been unable to determine its meaning or origins.

For their part – Pender and Aaron are somewhat “friends-by-convenience” in that Aaron rescued the socially awkward Pender from losing his head during a misunderstanding at an Inn and they’ve since discovered some mutual interests that made them compatible travelling companions. Pender’s natural inquisitiveness, naivety and genuine good intentions made him a nice foil to Aaron’s serious and occasionally dour mood – the original “odd couple”.

Laying low (being a wizard researching a spell book) in the docks area of Neverwinter seems like a good idea to Pender. He and Aaron are sharing quarters at a local Inn but Pender isn’t entirely certain what Aaron’s been getting up to during recent days, as he’s been largely occupied with his nose pressed to the pages of books in research. Generally speaking, this has been a good arrangement, as Pender has a propensity to inadvertently get himself into trouble if left unfocused and to his own devices in places like Neverwinter.

Aaron – Aaron’s reasons for being in Neverwinter, are two fold. Pendargast’s books hold no real import for him, but he is reluctant to leave his smaller friend alone. Having travelled together, he has enjoyed this friendship and all that it entails , which has been absent for most of his life. Perhaps the connection is tied to their shared interests in elves. Whether Pendargast knows about Aaron’s past is yet to be determined. Regardless, I would assume they have shared many conversations about the different elfin traditions, and beliefs. Thus creating a common ground.

The second reason that Neverwinter, specifically the docks hold interest because Slaves are shipped to different locations via these ports… always a good chance to track down his parents killers, or to run into an unfortunate slaver

the pair were an odd sight, one well armed, armoured a head taller than his slim companion, but as they slipped in an out of the bustling crowds it was clear to see that was a conversation happening. The smaller man, hands waving, and constantly looking up a the larger man while pushing his glasses up his nose as if to make sure his point was being heard… would stop every so often to look around. Pouches, and scroll cases hung from his body. The larger of the two, scars on his face was young, with hard eyes… when he stopped in the street he was like a boulder to which the crowds broke around them. It was not clear if the conversation was lost on the larger youth, but he would nod his head as he followed the other down the street

It is the natural way of things… brotherhood. Not gender, not age, nor race decree…

Session 1 Backstory

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