Campaign Brief

As an aid to creativity and to get us all thinking in the same starting directions, here are some early thoughts about the setting. I am using a map from the Forgotten Realms, but really very little else from that setting. The genre I am looking for is swords and sorcery (Conan, Fafhrd and the Grey Mouser, etc.). A few points to support that:

Extremely humano-centric world, other races will be in hiding, and or extinct. Playing a non-human will be allowed, but we will need to discuss how they “pass” in human culture.

Sorcery, and Magic are viewed as inherently evil by the population. They aren’t inherently evil, and obviously playing a caster will be allowed, but discretion will be part of the role.

Human society is built upon the ruins of ancient cultures, a glorious past lies all around, waiting to be plundered.

Campaign Brief

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